The Jump Off


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The Jump Off
  • The Jump Off



Woh-woh yea,
Eh yo timbland its the jump off right here man,
It's queen bee
It's the jump off

[Verse 1]
I been gone for a minute now I'm back at the jump off {JUMP OFF}
Goons in the club in case something jump off
I'm back up for the high for the pump off
In the graveyard is where you get dumped off
All we want to do is party {WOO}
And by everybody at the bar barcardi {WOO}
Black barbie dressed in bogardi {OW}
I'm tryna leave in somebodies ferrari {ERRR}
Spread love that's what a real mob do
Keep it gangsta look out for my people
I'm the wicked bitch of the east ya betta
Keep the peace {EH YO}
Or out come the beast
We the best there was room for improvement
My prescence is felt like a black ever movement
7 quarter to 8 to back to back {BACK TO BACK}
Got ya sittin on chrome 7x flat

This is for my peeps with the Bentleys the Hummers the Benz
Escalade 23 inch rims
Jumpin out the Jaguar wit the Timbs
Keep ya bred up
And live good East coast West coast worldwide
All my playas in the hood stay fly
And if you ballin let me hear you say right {right}

[Verse 2]
It's Lil Kim and Timbaland shit ya drawers {C'MON}
Special delivery from you to yours {MAN}
I rep the bitches he rep the boys
If you rep yo hood then make some noise
I got my eye on the guy in the orange coat {HEY}
Don't he know queen bee got the ill deep throat
Let me show you what I'm all about
How I make a sprite can disappear in my mouth {WOO}
Shake up the dice throw down ya ice
Bet it all playa fuck the price
Money ain't a thing throw it out like rice
Been around the world pop the same thing twice
Rub on my tits
Squeeze on my ass-a

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