We Ride For Shady


Eminem Presents The Re-Up, 3 minutes

We Ride For Shady
  • We Ride For Shady


Obie Trice

[Obie Trice]
We run this s***, fo'-five on the hip
Been ridin' for Shady, Shady

Geah, Ca$his know
Shady Records, the dream team, uh

Sittin' in the back of the, all-gray Acura
Gun to the pa**enger for actin' tough
Turn the wheel in the pa**in', heart of an a**a**in
Plus I'm on the draw down, quick as f***
Last move 'fore I give all street s*** up
Put a n**** in the ground face down, feet up
This n**** here tried to cuff me for my re-up
When I went to his crib he called police up
Now you on the way to bein' paraplegic
For sendin' messages through b****es like you go see us
Shady, Ca$h king of the dope fiends plus
Give 'em a square mile by blocks and I'm creamed up
Took the bullet out of Obie head, put it in my pistol
And use it, ammunition on the n****z they hit
Damn, I go to war on the regular man
Cause I'm part of the dream team, you a regular man
Far as rap I don't see no competitors and
You see things like me, with my medal in hand
I'm a state case boy with a federal plan
A hundred in beats, beatin' the s*** out skinheads
I'm the spirit of a G bringin' lyrics of the street
I'm Ca$his, a real dope boy on the beat (beat)
Slumped in the seat tucked clutchin' the heat
Basically, you n****z can't f*** with me, hah

We run this s***, fo'-five on the hip
Out to ride for Shady, yeah
Y'all n****z ain't hard, y'all n****z ain't real
Y'all n****z ain't crazy
Bring it on if you want, you don't know
The homicides that I've done lately
We run this s***, fo'-five on the hip
Out to ride for Shady

[Obie Trice]
Yeah, Trice is back on the Alche' track
With Ca$his, capitalizin' on this mic in fact
We f***in' with the captain of rap
My n**** with the Nike cap keep the continuity quite exact
So lure your cats into the second cla**ic
We're mature as the number uno aspect, as yet
Who's to pa** the driver?
O tries to flow to die fo' and the death blow survive (woo!)
I echo through your external vibe
With internal experiences I've acquired (uhh)
I'm probably the most honest hip-hopper alive
A victim depictin' images from my own eyes (yeah!)
Never livin' through homes, why?
Homie got his own set of cajones, stand up guy
It's Ca$his, O. Tri', rappers we blow by
This is as accurate as the ma**es will have it, no lie

[Chorus-Obie Trice]



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