Go Away

Miami Open House: A 70’s Disco Rock Scene Retrospective, 4 minutes

Go Away
  • Go Away



She wanted me to stay
So I stayed for a while
She asked me what was wrong
Because I couldn’t smile
She said she loved me so
But she just didn’t know
I didn’t know what to do
So I decided to go home

Go away, go away

I don’t know what was wrong
But I did not speak
Everything I’d said
Left me cold and meek
All that I say
Is wrong and dumb
And so she hates my guts
And I’m left feeling numb

Go away, go away

Everything I do, everything I think
Nothing goes my way
I’ll fix myself a drink
I’ll drown my tears of blood
With alcohol
I never drank before but
I’m ready to fall

Go away, go away

Written by ELFMAN, DANNY
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group, MUSICWORKS INTERNATIONAL

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