Don't Forbid Me

20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best Of Pat Boone, 2 minutes

Don't Forbid Me
  • Don't Forbid Me


Pat Boone

Don't-a forbid me to hold you tight
Darling, Don't Forbid Me to hold you tight
Let-a me hold you in my lovin' arms
'Cause it's cold and I can keep you warm

Don't a forbid me to kiss your lips
Darling, Don't Forbid Me to kiss your lips
Let-a me kiss you please baby, please
'Cause it's cold and your lips might freeze.
There's a strong Westwind a-blowing
and there's a big, blue moon above
And, pretty baby, I'll be knowing
you need some heartwarming love
So don't-a forbid me to talk sweet talk
Darling, Don't Forbid Me to talk sweet talk
Let-a me fill your little heart with fire

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