I Believe

Live! One Night Only, 4 minutes

I Believe
  • I Believe


Patti LaBelle

I believe for every drop
Of rain that fa-alls
A flower grow-ows
Woh, I believe that somewhere
In the darkest ni-ight
A candle glow-ows
I believe for everyone
Who goes astray-ay
Someone will come
Who shows the way
I believe, I belie-ieve

I believe above the storm
The smallest prayer
Will still be hear-eard
Woh, I believe that someone
In the great somewhere-ere
Hears e-every wor-ord
Every time I hear
A newborn baby cry-why
Or touch a leaf
Or see the sky-why
Then I know why...
I belie-ieve
I-I belie-ieve
I, I-I belie-ieve [fade]

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