I'm Not Like You

Pay The Girl, 4 minutes

I'm Not Like You
  • I'm Not Like You


Pay the Girl

You're like a shot of Novocain
Everyday is so mundane
Where's your pleasure, where's your pain?

You know your lines, I make mine up
You play your hand, I call your bluff
You stand in line, I push and shove

I'm not like you, not like you
You don't really want to know what's inside of me
You live to use, I've learned to lose
I'm not like you or part of your insanity
And I don't want to be

While you're sleeping, I'm awake
You're transparent, I'm opaque
I spit out more than you can take

You've thought it through, I'm off the cuff
You love to hate, I hate your love
I beg for more, you've had enough

You can be so condescending
We all know you're just pretending
You're on stage but no one's listening

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