I'm a King


25 To Life, 3m 32sec

I'm a King
  • I'm a King



Now, e'rybody wanna be the king of the South
When, they ain't runnin' a damn thing but they mouth
No doubt, it's all good, y'all just statin' y'all opinion
But in the South and in the hood it's understood without sayin'
It's a given, and ain't because of what I'm doin' for a livin'
It's, mo' because of what I do and how I'm livin'
Not to mention when I'm rappin' I'm just hurtin' niggaz feelings
(Niggas feelings) And still chillin' on somethin' that's into healing
Made provisions for the clique to continue keepin' it pimpin'
Whether crack was in the house or record sales was through the ceiling
So say what you want, and do what you please
But for fun, I shoot 22's from your shoes to your knees
I run a record label and a crew of G's
So, niggas'll come and look for you if ya sneeze
Or even breathe the wrong way, you better do what the song say
And be easy, or else it'll be a long day

I'm a king, bank rolls in the pockets of my jeans
I'm a king, you pussy niggaz couldn't see me in your dreams
I'm a king, top topic of all of your magazines
I'm a king, head of the body, leader of the team
I'm a king, remember I can get your block knocked off
I'm a king, a Bentley coupe with the top chopped off
I'm a king, I'm connectin nationwide but in the South
I'm a king, just respect it and keep my name out'cha mouth

I'm the prince shorty don't get it twisted
Been callin' shots simpin' 'fore my flows existed
And still find birds in my momma kitchen
You might see me burnin' purple in the subdivision
I got soldiers on deck, babyface pimpin'
Whatchu' know 'bout dat, I get a bad Brenda
With that vert' top back, my jeans feelin tight
Cause my pockets stay fat, playa better know that
My neck got so much shit, danglin'
Big dick, big chain, we just keep on hangin'
Got a Hollywood ho, and a broad that be sangin'
They be hatin cause I'm famous ? what I was thankin'
And this for every don nigga thankin he passed me
Y'all just thank that you gone and the shit'll be nasty
I'ma stay ballin', ballin' off my old school classic
Lil Scrap got big bank, now see if you can match it


Shorty I'm down with the kings, so call me the greatest
Number one hustler, I keep the street blazin'
If the grapes don't sell, I dry 'em up and sell raisins
While y'all cherry pickin' hustlers out here slavin'
That king shit nigga runs deep in my veins
Pump through my heart, live in my bone marrow mayne
That's pimpin! My gas is premium like octane
Can't tell me nothin' 'bout stackin' these Benja-maynes
I'm the king of the Dirty, see me seated in the throne
Overruled other dudes like Caesar did in Rome
With a prince that's so demandin' and an aura so strong
The South ain't been represented like this in so long
I'm an emperor, you best be glad I'm workin' on my temper
Otherwise I'd cock a pistol, send some missiles to your temple
Disrespect us I'ma blick 'em 'til I get you plain and simple
Brass knuckles to your dentals blast suckers in they dimples


I'm a king

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