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Project Pat

If you had a choice of colors
which one would you choose my brothers
If there was no day or night
Which one you perfer to be right

[Verse 1]
Another day means another way
I can get some pay guys are gray
but the turning blue for a player true
to the game all aboard the train
those who kept it real couldn't hang I'm a holler man
this one you feel well I feel choices I made
ways to get paid if I lay down on my back
then I won't get jacked Project Pat
never fake the deal all about a meal
keep a strap for the wolf pack out here trying to steal
cause I still think some of y'all
want to see my fall but I ball that's in any weather
can we stick together all is one but I know its some
always want to preach that I'm wrong
cause I rap a song lyrically I reach
to the youth and I'm getting paid and I'm out the slum
legally ghetto fabulous player give me some
count my props cause I never stop trying to get laid
feeling good stacking dollar bills choices I made


[Verse 2]
Here I go with a steady flow finally it last
on the bricks not behind bars come back in the past
had no cash and I had no car so i had to do anything
just to maintain sipping on the brew not a fool
keeping hazards down to a minimum staying cool
down with my hood Memphis Hollywood understood
everybody can't play the same role
make a choice do it legally or you slang dope
but I hope that the choice made is the one for you
have a clue gotta know yourself
hustle to your death making wealth
with a pad and pen walking out the pin
making steps to be right on top of my game again
see my friend you the master of your destiny it can be
what you want it to man it's all on you player who
want to blow a dub ease on the brain
ain't no pain just a lot of love curving through your vain


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