Project Pat

Smokin' Out


Layin' Da Smack Down (Explicit Version), 3m 23sec

Smokin' Out
  • Smokin' Out


Project Pat

Smokin out like Chief Wahoo hoo
Chase it down with the liquor and brew brew
Pass it round that's the way we do do
Somebody get this dope cause I'm through through

[Project Pat]
Roll up a blunt like light up the green
Eyes red as fire I'm on promethazyne
Roll up another one dipped in the sizzer
Save it for later mane cause it wouldn't hizzer
Soon as the thund-ah enters my lungs-ah
I start gettin hungry where's that balogna
Crackers and cheese zuzus and whams
Icy white honey bun ooohh there I am
Go an light another one constantly smokin'
Turn up a 45 drankin and chokin
Start smokin weed real young with my peers
So full of dope smoke comin out my ears
Burnt fingernails ain't made no sales
Ya'll might be short an ounce or two on them scales

To hell with that fool go an take a pull
We cheefin all night and we stay gettin food

Chorus x2

[Lord Infamous]
You ask if Lord were a drug a drug
Ay what drug would Lord be he be
Yo Lord would be a pound of weed
But no stems no sticks no seeds
It's just because I believe-ah
In cannabis se-teev-ah
M-I-L-you-N-G-S I keep the sticky green-ah
Puffahontis puff a peace pipe ridin on my peet-ah
What's my favorite flower its that marijuna leaf-ah
I keep-ah O the F to O the are to D
I be on the be-L the you-N-T
I brew a cup of shrooms and break down the be-A-G ah
Purple kush pretty bush Cheech n Chong in me-ah
I'm the Scarecrow me in the Ville protecting acres
Smokin tough to bong a swisher leaf just simply papers

Chorus x2

Published by BUG MUSIC

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