Too Bad on Your Birthday

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Too Bad on Your Birthday
  • Too Bad on Your Birthday


Ram Jam

I heard your best friend say
Shouldn't have treat you that way
He could have been a little bit kinder
He didn't give you no gift
Didn't send you a smoke
You didn't even get a reminder
It's too bad,it's too bad,it's too bad on your birthday Too bad'too bad,too bad on your birthday I loved her once,lasted several months and I was in love,even blind her she left me,I cried,my tears have been dried she only left this little reminder(chours)mad on a girl a kick akick on her face yes,you're the one who's crying blow out the candles and make a wish and if you need a drink, baby , I'll buy (chours)

Written by A. RESNICK, C. KARP
Published by BENJI MUSIC

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