The Madness


Rich Boy, 3 minutes

The Madness
  • The Madness


Rich Boy

Yo niggas gon learn fuck a fuckin d boi squad fuck a fuckin rich boi this is tha gad darn conciter you niggers and all you niggers gotta do is pick this mutha fuckin cotton. Squad.

Ey, I'm in that phantom askin for that grey pupone look at my arm bitch you see tha charm bitch sweet home alabama yea I love a I still tryda hugger even tho she ain't my color now I'm fuckin wit that butta I'm tha head chief I would front cha home boi but ain't nuttin left its mo to it then that mutha fuckin bling see I got enough heart to march with martin luther king I got them killas right by me and we can have a party if you niggas wanna try me surprise I even got some fire works fo ya pop the trunk get the gift side let me show ya niggas treat that coke like a joke them cokaine sentence like a murder up in coke pinky ring like a buncha snow flakes yea I put that weight down now its real estate boi

Tell me whatcha no about me boi that's me ima mutha fuckin d boi
Tell me whatcha no about me boi that's me ima mutha fuckin d boi
Yea south go d boi yea south go d boi yea south go d boi yea south go d boi
If it ain't the truth then my nigga don't write it 9 years from today my uncle main got indited I thank god for the hard times wanna suffer he protect me like amoda nigga now I'm tuffa can't forget aboutcha poo but I still see ya I'm at the grave yard every day I can't leave ya I feel ya soul when I'm write'n wit tha pen fuck what them niggas sayin you my brother till then ( nigga ) save a spot from the tear god I'm comin niggas killa for that money but they leave here with nothin if its a game motha fucker I'm a win it as far as I'm concerned ain't no competition in it call me the gritty green cause I want a lot now I'm buyin mama better thangs then what she got so bringa getcha shit we gotta new house congratulations cause your son made a million wit is mouf

Chorus 2x

This is for my mutha fuckin pa niggas my mutha fuckin orange grove niggas my mutha fuckin roger william niggas from french quota to queen cole nigga my motha fuckin g street niggas my mutha fuckin d.i.p niggas we already no every mutha hood n mobile n motha fuckn birdsville all that good shit off in the fuckin backwoods they still hatin

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