Rockie Lynne, 4 minutes

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Rockie Lynne

You say I am your everything
The half that makes you whole
You say you love me with all your heart
Your body and your soul
You say your love is an ocean
Without any shore
You ask how much I love you
I love you more

I'd give you my seat on the train to Heaven
If only one of us could go
Give every ounce of blood in my body
If no pain you'd ever know
Oh, I'd fight every evil
That ever came against our door
I know much you love me
But I love you more

Wakin' up with you in the mornin'
Is seein' your smilin' face
Makes me feel like God
Has put us in a permanent state of grace
Your kiss tells me you need me
Like nobody has before
You say how much you want me
I want you...

More, with every day that goes by
(More) when I hold you every night
Our love will last till the end of time
Then, baby, we'll find even more


I know much you love me
But I love you more

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