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Queen Of England
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Roger Glover & the Guilty Party

Through the cane field come a lullaby
Say a prayer for the lost and the broken down
It don't matter where you come from
You will end up being from the wrong town

I came up from Jackson Corner
Just to have me a drink and look around
I went back with Deacon's daughter
She was looking for a way to get out of town

Everything gonna be alright
And the sun's gonna shine tonight
Everybody gonna come my way
And we'll understand it all one day

Caught a ride with pulpwood driver
He was drinking red liquor from the floorboard
Said he used to have a daughter
Now he don't want to think about it any more

We went flying down a two lane
God knows why we didn't see the bridge out
She went down in yellow water
Now it's all in the world I can think about

I had a dream
It didn't make no sense
I saw myself tangled up in a barbed wire fence

Queen of England got a number
And they tell me she don't go nowhere without it
Get in trouble, call the number
And you never hear another word about it


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