Rupert Holmes

Answering Machine

Partners In Crime,3 mins, 33 secs

Answering Machine
  • Answering Machine


Rupert Holmes

A little while ago I went and placed a call
To tell this girl I know that she could have it all
The wedding, the ring, the whole darn thing, I was willing to tie the knot
So I called her up, and this is the answer I got:

"I'm so sorry you have just reached my answering machine,
I'm not in at present, I'm sure you know the whole routine.
Leave your name and number, and I'll try to get back to you;
You have 30 seconds to talk to me before you're through."

And I said,
"Baby let's go get married, I need to hear you're mine.
I am hanging on, I am hanging on, I am hanging on this line.
And if I can leave one message before you go to bed,
I would say to you...:"

And the phone went dead.

So I stepped out to buy some dog food for the cat.
Of course she called about three minutes after that.
Would she be my wife and share my life? Well of course you can write the
Cause she called me up, and this is the answer she got:


And she said,
"Baby I got your message, I am answering your call.
I have thought it out, I have thought it out, and I think that, all-in-all
If you ask if we can marry, and make it for all time,
Then my answer is, "

And the phone went,

"I'm so sorry, you have just reached my answering machine..."

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