Inside Lookin' In

Standing Hampton, 4 minutes

Inside Lookin' In
  • Inside Lookin' In


Sammy Hagar

I must be stoned right out of my head
I did not hear one thing that you said
Lately I'm walking round in a daze
This feeling comes and goes in big waves

I'm on the inside, looking in
Yeah, I'm on the inside
That's where I've been

I see one soul just drifting astray
And I run to chase that demon away
There's me, there's him, there's you and there's us
All by the same name so what's the fuss

I'm on the inside
Here I am on the inside, wearing thin
Yeah, I'm on the inside, looking in
I'm on the inside looking in

Be careful don't kill the flame
Unless you want to end the game
Be careful don't do too deep
The climb back may be a bit steep

I must be new around this place
I do not recognize one face
Ring in my ears so loud I can't see
Ringing just like one UXB

[Chorus: x 3]

Written by HAGAR, SAMMY
Published by Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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