You Hit The Spot

The Complete Sarah Vaughan On Mercury Vol.1, 3 minutes

You Hit The Spot
  • You Hit The Spot


Sarah Vaughan

You're as thrilling as a college cheer
As sympathetic as a baby's tear
You're as smooth as a kitten's ear
I never would trade you for all the money in the mint
It feels like love, it looks like love
Oh, can't you take a hint?

You hit the spot
Like a balmy breeze on a night in May
You hit the spot
Like a cool mint julep on a summery day
You hit a new high in my estimation
I had to fall 'cause you've got so much on the ball

Oh, you hit the spot
Like the first embrace when the knot is tied
You hit the spot
Like a pipe and slippers by a fireside
Matter of factly, don't know exactly
What it is that you've got
But, oh, you hit the spot

Written by PORTER, COLE
Published by Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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