Sheek Louch

Good Love

Silverback Gorilla,3 mins, 19 secs

Good Love
  • Good Love


Sheek Louch

Hey,I'm looking for.."Good Love yeah"
Met a lot of women now they all tore
Ran through 'em all but I'm just not sure...
"Good love, I like that baby"
Yea... We gon' fight but I think that's just...
"Good Love, yeah"
1st class flights, almost home but I...
"Just can't keep still"

[Verse 1]
Fresh off the plane, into the bin
Note a lil' water in what you pay for your rent
I'm tired of the road, no shows booked, need somethin' home cooked... "I like that baby"
Straight in the door, straight to the floor
I'm already high but light up one more
Just got home I'm tryna chill but I... "Just can't keep still"
Gotta hit the block, get a lil 'gnac
Fuck with the hood, see if niggas is good
Jake is on me asking me why my music all loud I just tell him... "I like that baby"
Throw a lil' dice, head cracked twice, light somethin' up I'm starting to feel nice
They loopin' around, let me go and peel cause I... "Just can't keep still"


Hat low enough, short sleeves no cuffs
Aston-Martin sittin' outside tough
Shorty shotgun, black Hillary Duff
Shit built big like I was down with Puff
Now I'm in the club, no V.I.P

[Verse 2]
I'm down low where every last hoodlum be
I feel baby-boy tryna eye roll me but I... "Just can't keep still"
Walk up to him, you know nice and polite
Let him now it's real, it's for sured up light
I'mma let it off cause I ain't tryna fight but ya damn right... "I like that baby"
Anyway, I'm tryna see who else here
I see shorty staring at me way over there
I'm sorry baby girl but I gotta disappear cause I... "Just can't keep still"


[Verse 3]
Betty Wright knocking, got 'em all rocking
'Bout to do the electric slide on the block and...
Yea this popping, got 'em goin' crazy
From 8 to 80... "I like that baby"
It feels so good, you can't sit down... You gotta get up and move your fat ass around
You don't care who watchin', you keepin' it real cause you... "Just can't keep still"


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