Flesh And Bone

Shontelligence, 3m 31sec

Flesh And Bone
  • Flesh And Bone



Listen carefully
Listen to these words

Baby take a minute let me sit you down
Been waiting for the time and the time is now
I think you should decide where you wanna be
Running in the streets or living here with me
Baby take a step back and look around
Gonna run yourself like you do the ground
You're not invincible and the fact is
Nothing's guaranteed but the darn taxes?

Control your pebble before he turn to stone
Boy you better listen for you're all alone
When the money's spent and all your friends are gone
Then you're gonna realize, you're only flesh and bone (flesh and bone)
Then you're gonna realize, you're only flesh and bone

You know

Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
Is there any hope that you could ever be
More than just a fish in the sea
Cause baby after all if you get cut you're gonna bleed
Try to understand what I'm telling you
This is not a game don't you play the fool
I'm begging won't you hear my plea
This is not a theory it's reality


Living in this cold world never easy
"Life ain't no sweet bread" that's what my momma told me
I'm getting by and now I see what she mean
You need to settle down and stop living so extreme
I'm your woman and you know I'll always love you
I'll never do a single thing to exploit you
Life is so precious never take it for granted
How can I make you understand this baby


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