Life Is Not An Easy Road

Shontelligence, 3m 44sec

Life Is Not An Easy Road
  • Life Is Not An Easy Road



Life is not an easy road
A true you just a struggle with your heavy load
I know
It seems it seems you lose the battle more and more
Life is not an easy road
You have to play your part and take control
Don't you ever ease up
Never give up
Don't let go

Hopeless youths them out inna the street
And them no have no job so just to win they have to cheat
Tell me why so many see it and don't speak
And why they'll never find a peaceful home they cyaan retreat
And them cyaan find no food to eat
And where you lay your head them have a bed of concrete
And your momma she ah cry when she ah see it
It's not a revolution just a cycle that repeats cause


See the sunshine will come one day
And prejudice and inequality will fade away
Man will not judge man but he will say
It's time to love my neighbor as my brother and not hate
And the world will unite as one
And governments eliminate all chemicals and bombs
We will no longer have to run
The uprising has only just begun, so hear me song


You see them little youth a cry them have cold cold feet
Dem prostitute them life them ah so them world get defeat
Dem politicians try fi take your life you see
But just trust you will survive and keep your dignity
Never mind how them a treat you never mind what them a say
Keep you eyes pon tomorrow but you live for today
You stop you drop you roll to save your soul
You never let them take it away


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