How Could You Say You Love Me

Silk, 4m 46sec

How Could You Say You Love Me
  • How Could You Say You Love Me



You really hurt me. You left me out in the rain. You left me nothing but a lot of memories and pain. I thought that you were happy, that we would be forever but I was wrong. I couldn't see the signs you gave. You never even let me know. No...

(chorus) How could you say you love me, if you didn't really mean it. I gave you all the love I had to give. Baby I trusted you with my heart. You took my love tore it apart. How could you say you love me if you didn't mean it. If you didn't mean it.

I never left your side, I was there through thick and thin. And baby when you would cry, your heart I would always mend. How could you throw love away? You left me flat right on my face. I'm so sad. My feelings all have run away. And I'm living in loneliness. So lonely


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