Siti binti Saad

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    Wewe PakaSiti binti Saad
    Up Triangle
    Muhogo wa jang'ombeSiti binti Saad
    Up Triangle
    Muhogo Wa Jangombe [1930] (Cassava of Jang'ombe)Siti binti Saad
    Up Triangle
    Wewe Paka [1930] (You Are a Cat)Siti binti Saad
    Up Triangle
    Muhogo wa jangombeSiti binti Saad
    Up Triangle

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        Saad was a legendary taraab singer who could sing in Swahili, Arabic, and Hindustani, making her a favorite from Africa to India. She was discovered as an amateur vocal accompanist and became the first East African to make commercial recordings. Between 1928 and 1939, she was so successful that recording studios were built on the island of Zanzibar specifically for her. It is estimated that she made over 150 78 rpm records, which are impossible to find today except on cassettes.... Read more

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