Blown Away

For You My Dear, 4 minutes

Blown Away
  • Blown Away


Steel Train

So blown away by all the faces and the dreamers
I'm no weaker than you dear
I took a ride and I saw you inside, a soul that lives at rest
Are you done for?
But you had a lot to say
Did I take it a different way?
Some will stand and some will leap but you, you'll do what you will
Cause I'm dreaming as you're leaving
Shine bright as I shine the light on love that took my best
Best luck girl
Cause you got a ways to go
Crawling your way back home

And this was the last crime cause I'm done
You can take my good plans cause I'm in trouble now

I held the door for you to explore as you stood head in the clouds
And I'm leaving cause you're dreaming
You clear the smoke and learn how to float, arms high in the air
Oh as I glare
You took it away to see
The person you'll never flee

So lift your head and shine

Written by WEEDMAN, SAM
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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