Fantasies Come True

Avenue Q (Original Broadway Cast Recording), 4m 19sec

Fantasies Come True
  • Fantasies Come True


Stephanie D'Abruzzo

It sure can get lonely at night.
Nicky, you awake?

Is that a unicorn?

Oh, he's talking in his sleep again.

No, I'll wear the purple shoes. Who painted the kitten?

Maybe I should just shake him.

I love you, Rod.

What did you say?

I love your little laugh.

Nicky, are you awake?

Take off your shirt.

Oh Nicholas, have you been shy all this time?
Have we been hiding from each other? I wonder --

All those night I lay in bed,
thoughts of you
running through my head

I know, put my earmuffs on the cookie

But I never thought the things in my head
could really happen in my bed.

You look like David Hasselhoff

All those years
I missed the signs,
couldn't read
between the lines.
Who'd have thought
I would see the day
where I'd hear you say
what I heard you say?
And now I find
what was always in my mind
was in your mind, too.
Fantasies come true!

And now I see that what I've always
dreamed of was meant to be
you and me, me and you!
Fantasies come true!

You and me lived in fantasy,
but soon we'll be a reality.

Kate, that was amazing.

You're amazing.

I want you to have this. It's a penny I carry around with me for good luck.
It's from the year I was born see? Who knows, maybe it'll bring
you good luck. It did for me! I found you.

I want you to know
the time that we've spent,
how great it's been,
how much it's meant.

Gosh, I don't know
what to say.
I'm really glad you feel
that way.
'Cause I'm afraid that
I like you more than I ever
liked any guy before.

'Cause now, my love,
I'm getting what I've
always been dreaming of!

So are you!

Oh, baby!

Fantasies come true!
And now I swear that
when you want me,
I'm gonna be right there
to care for you

That's what I'm gonna do

And make your fantasies
come true

Fantasies come true.

(Rod awakens, Nicky is poking him)

Hey, Rod buddy! You were talking in your sleep.

I thought you were talking in YOUR sleep!

No, I just came to bed. You were dreaming, is all.


It sounded like a nice dream, though.

Yes. It was a nice dream.

Good night.

Good night, Nicky.


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