Destruction By Definition, 2 minutes

  • Zero


The Suicide Machines

I'm not the same as I was when I was young
And neither are you
There's been a lot of changes in the both of us,
You said you see that to
I've wasted such a lot of time to find I was
Looking at the wrong things
If its an apology you're waiting for, you could
Wait a long time
I've wasted such a long time
Just to feel like a zero
Life really sucks ya know when ya
Yeah feel like a zero
I've wasted such a long time too
Just to feel like a zero
You're not the only one who's held me in
You said I broke your heart
It would've been the the other way around when I was young
But sooner or later we've all got to
Grow up
I don't know if I should tell you how I'm feeling
Chances are you're laughing at me
And tell me that I don't know
What I'm saying
It's not my fault

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