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Fly Free (feat. Kellianna, Anne Lieber Silverman, Amy Madden, Elizabeth Sanders, Tina Larken & Earthtones Choir)
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Divine Mother (Susan Solo)
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Dance With the Fire (feat. Pamela Gerke, Timothy Kinsella, Stuart Monsma, Earthtones Choir & Darth Nielson)
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Rise, Rise, Rise / Lift Me Up (feat. Anne Lieber Silverman, Darth Nielson, Betsy Tinney, Earthtones Choir, Pamela Gerke, Marybeth Saunders, Geli Wuerzner, Simone Ladrumma & Claire Heile)
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All My Relations (feat. Brad Miller, Kathy Childers, Jerry Zu, Claire Heile, Stuart Monsma, Matt Neuman & Anne Lieber Silverman)


  • From the Heart

    Jun 2015 • 11 songs

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