Top Down


One Man Band Man, 3 minutes

Top Down
  • Top Down


Swizz Beatz

Woo! Woo! Swizzy!
Can you say new york city? [Repeat: x3]
It's Showtime!!

If you not form new york well

Wherever you are shine
Who ever you are shine
Wherever you are shine [Repeat: x4]

Hey, hey I told ya

Riding with my top down, wit my jewelry on hey I'm just getin my hood on
I'm just, I'm just doing my thing I'm just, I'm just do doin my thing heey (yep)
Hey (yep)
Hey (yep)
Hey I said I'm riding with my top down with my jewelry on I'm just getin my hood on

I'm in the hood bouncin
sprain like a fountain money
like a mountain tell me why ya doubtin?
I know why ya doubtin
cuz we getin paper ey tell em again swizzy (we getin our paper)
I'm in the hood top down wit my jewelry on me (on me)
wit security on me I got my goons on me
I get em off me I shake them hateas off me (i said get em off me?)
peoples is you with me
my peoples is you with me
if you got a problem that sucka come and get me!
y'all know my name you see the candy paint it spell my name Swizzy!


Hey I said I'm ridin with my top down wit my jewelry on hey I'm just getting my hood on

It's like bum bum bum bum bum you know
the black is bumbin feenz on the corner man you know
the black is bumbin
speakers in yo trunk shit thumpin
they playin my song people is jumpin
now we got a little block party yall
it aint nuthin but henny and bacardi yall
sittin on the stoop on the milk crate
how you livin life suppose to say grate,
grater yall came form nothin
inta somethin why these niggas hatin
why these nigga fruntin we just riddin
with our tops down since I wrote this somebody got shot know?


This chick said swiss I wanna ride in ya viper
I said hell naw don't you know that's a spiker?
number 2 there are only 20 in the world
you sit in my seat it will change the world
I'm fresh to death like a million bucks
threw on my luis hat put on my chucks
step out the viper she said oh no
I said be easy chick you know I gotta go


Shine wherever you are [Repeat: x6]
Shine hey hey hey shine

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