Real World

When The World Comes Down, 4 minutes

Real World
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The All-American Rejects

I woke up on this side
I thought it was a dream
At first we learned to walk
Then learned to scream

You can't understand
When you're fed from a TV screen
You can't see the things that I can see
But I forget that you thank god and pray
Some things just never stay
And we all just slip away

This cant be the real world now
I don't believe it
When I can't see the truth
Welcome to the real world now
When all our carried in now just to poison you
Am I
The only one who thinks it's tragic?
This cant be the real world now
No oh uh no oh

I look for some hope in every face that has a vacant stare
The shadows come but no one seems to care
The darkness floods every light that promised change
She passed sound asleep when the blood is stain the blood is pain
Somewhere I know that I'm not all alone
This bated breath I hold
My lungs want to explode


Just as soon as we see every floor in every mean will understand
Before the first time
Child to a mans only real words that he can
Its too late to smell the roses
When all emotions set aside
In a whisper say goodbye


This cant be the real world
This cant be the real world
This cant be the real world now
No oh uh no oh

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