The Beach Boys

Wendy (Mono)

Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys, 2m 14sec

Wendy (Mono)
  • Wendy (Mono)


The Beach Boys

Wendy...Wendy what went wrong...oh, so wrong,
We went together for so long,
I never thought a guy could cry,
'Til you made it with another guy,
Oh, Wendy...Wendy left me alone.

Wendy...Wendy don't lose your head...
Lose your head,
Wendy...don't believe a word he says,
I can't picture you with him,
His future looks awful dim,
Oh, Wendy...Wendy left me alone.

Wendy...I wouldn't hurt you like that...
No, no, no,
I thought we had our love down pat...
Guess I was wrong,
The farthest thing from my mind,
Was the day that I'd wake up to find,
My Wendy...Wendy left me alone.

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