Cowboy Beat

The Anthology Volume 2, 3m 28sec

Cowboy Beat
  • Cowboy Beat


The Bellamy Brothers

Well, it could be anywhere in the U.S.A.
Texas, Tennessee down in F.L.A.
When the weekend falls and all the girls come out
Well, that's what a country boys life is all about

Well, there's a band or a jukebox everywhere we go
Get in the car turn up the radio
Country music playing out in the streets
Everybody's dancin' to the cowboy beat

Well way out west they get a burning desire
When the guitars play it really feeds the fire
Arizona California down the Vegas way
They're even feeling the beat through the heat of the day

You know they're fallin' in love all over this land
From Alaska to the Rio Grande
So hold on to your baby while you move your feet
Everybody's dancin' to the cowboy beat

Well, they're sellin' like hotcakes everywhere we go
Showing up in honky tonks and rodeos
Twangin' and a kickin' on the movie screens
Lord it's takin' over everything

Well it could be anywhere in the U.S.A
Texas, Tennessee down in F.L.A
Way up in New York City at the Broadway show
They're wearin' boots and buckles while they do si do

You know they're bringin' the whole world down to its knees
So move a little closer and hold on to me
We'll dance down the isle life'll be so sweet
Raisin' our kids to the cowboy beat

To the cowboy beat
We'll be dancin' to the cowboy beat

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