Noel's Chemical Effluence

A World Bewitched Best of 1990-2000 Vol. 1, 6 minutes

Noel's Chemical Effluence
  • Noel's Chemical Effluence


The Fall

Noel's chemical effluence
We were going right through the alps
When we picked up this fabulous scent
Of Noel's chemical effluence.
Noel's chemical effluence
There was a fuss about the elements
Waiting for the keyboards as ever.
The firmament of it is going out the exit.
Noel's chemical effluence.
There's an inherent disease
Goes with an imbalance of the juices
In the brain that in transit
Causes one to envisage white faces,
As if spiked by mescalin.
Noel's chemical effluence
And we're going right through the alps
Look what happened at the lodge.
Look what happened at the castle.
Look at the red-purple vomit stream.
From the bed, angled
Right into the bathroom.
On the finger of your banker [bound]
And when all else fails
We can always blow your whistle.
In work, in pleasure, I'll come for you
The abdominizer, in excellence.

Written by PATTI SMITH
Published by BUG MUSIC

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