Mistress Mabel

Here We Stand, 4 minutes

Mistress Mabel
  • Mistress Mabel


The Fratellis

1, 2, 3, Owww

Mistress Mabel, she's seriously wrong
Clears my table, bang and then she's gone
Takes a liberty if you let her
Yes she's old but she should know better
Oh dear Mabel please don't put me on

Mistress Mabel, all the kids agree
You're unstable, curious and free
Wine 'em down, and then keep 'em kickin'
Sunken eyed and all panic stricken
Oh dear Mabel it still worries me

Well and like rat bag, so they told her
Last night's name tag across her shoulder

[Chorus: ]
Tell me where all the days have gone, when you rocked my cradle
Tell me Mabel
Where'd you go when you can't go on with this willful fable
Tell me Mabel

Mistress Mabel, won't you marry me?
I'm unable to take it seriously
I'll be good, and you'll be a minute
I wish you would, or I'll drop you in it
Oh dear Mabel wont you marry me?

And like rat bag, so they told her
Last nights name tag across her shoulder

[Chorus: Repeat 3X]

Written by Lawler, John
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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