The Magnifying Glass

The Big Roar, 2 minutes

The Magnifying Glass
  • The Magnifying Glass


The Joy Formidable

What shines when the eyes are dull
What folds in when the hinge is gone
The moth is dead without the dust
I'm dead without a fuss

All I know is you
No I can't change

Below the shelf it's a happier home
And all your neighbours they love each other
And your friends are having so much fun
They're baking cakes and swapping numbers

All I know is you
No I can't change

The slightest weight upsets the scale
Simple words are growing vague
We're twinned but put against
One shape under the magnifying glass
Please no ad-lib, the world is cruel and outsides
Licking lips
All i know let's shed the myth
Let's cut out this bit and this bit

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