Cool Water

Country Music Hall Of Fame Series, 3 minutes

Cool Water
  • Cool Water


The Sons of the Pioneers

Vaughn monroe and his orchestra
Vocals by vaughn monroe vm and the sons of the pioneers sn *this asterisk denotes where a member of the sons of the pioneers injects the
Word 'water' his other phrasings are in parenthesis in the lyrics. this happens throughout the song.

Vm all day I've faced a barren waste
without the taste of water
Sp cool water * .
Vm old dan and I with throats burned dry
and souls that cry for water
cool, clear, water.
Sp keep a movin' dan * dontcha listen
to him dan *
he s a devil, * not a man *
he spreads the burning sand
with water. * *
dan, * can't you see * that big
green tree *
where the water's * runnin free
and it's waiting * there for me and
you? (cool, clear, *)

Vm the shadows sway and seem to say
"tonight we pray for water".
Vm&sp cool water *
Vm then way up there,
he'll hear our pray,
and show us where,
Vm&sp water *
Sp cool * clear * water *

Sp keep a movin',dan,*
doncha listen to him dan,*
he's a devil * not a man *
he spreads the burning sand with water * *
dan,* can't you see * that
big, green, tree *
where the water's* running free
and it's waitin'* there for me and you?
(cool ,clear, *)

orchestra swing the song
a trumpet in the lead
then a guitar intros
a western rhythm

Vm dan's feet are sore
he's yearning for
just one thing more than water
Vm&sp cool water *
Vm like me I guess,
he'd like to rest,
where there's no quest for water
Vm&sp cool,* clear, * water (cool, clear *)
Vm&sp water!!!!

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