Tumbling Down

Velvet Goldmine, 3 minutes

Tumbling Down
  • Tumbling Down


Venus In Furs

Cheap, but it's hard.
When one lowers one's guard to the vultures.
Now me I'm regarded, but torturous hardship that smolders.
Like a peppermint, eaten away.
Will I fight? will I swagger or sway?
Hee hee, m'lady. she cries like a baby.
I scold her.
See her tumbling down.(tumbling down)
See her tumbling down (tumbling down)
Hail to the monkey, we're having a funky reunion.
Wasted and sunk, he can only have Sunday communion.
He's got nicotine stains in his eyes.
He's got nothing to protect but his pride.
Oh, smother a kiss or be drowned in blissful confusion.
See her tumbling down (tumbling down) x3
Tumbling down (tumbling down)

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