Square Pegs

The Best Of The Waitresses, 3 minutes

Square Pegs
  • Square Pegs


The Waitresses

Square pegs, square pegs, square, square pegs

Always never quite right
I'd like it if they liked us but I don't think they like us
So tell me where's the party and how come we weren't invited?
One size does not fit all

Don't wanna wear my glasses, I have to wear my glasses
Why are we wearing this year what they were wearing last year?
Yeah, I'd be cuter without gum in my braces
I hope the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts

She said that she was but we know she isn't
And she said that she would but he hasn't asked her
He did, and we know it, but with whom?
We can't guess it and they think that we're the

Square pegs, square pegs, square, square pegs

Really funny, who broke the π button on my calculator?
May you be eternally grounded
Me, get juiced with The Cool Patrol
Uh, no thanks, why do you think they call it beer?
I mean, listen to him

Square pegs, square pegs, square, square pegs

Ya know, our school colors should be black and blue
Yeah, I mean no, huh, what?
No, I don't think I have a bad attitude, why?
Suspended, suspended for what?

But they told me it was Senior Wig Day
Honest, I don't even know how those worms got there
Now, what would I do with 200 peanut butter cups?
One size does not fit all

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