Wind It Up

Queer, 4m 17sec

Wind It Up
  • Wind It Up


Thompson Twins

Here comes the queen bee in her little mini dress
Shouting to the boys that she couldn't care less
Let them eat cake; let them all cry
Serves them right; they ought to do or die
They ought to do or die

You say that love makes the world go 'round
Better wind it up, ''cause it's running down
Wind it up, and turn it around
Wind it up, yeah, to a higher ground
Wind it up, so it never comes down
Wind it up

Here comes the preacher on a mission from God
You spoil the child if you spare the rod
A tooth for a tooth, and eye for an eye
When you look again you know we've all gone blind
You know we've all gone blind

Here comes you and here comes me
Forty-nine hearts pinned to our sleeves
Gonna make a move, gonna turn it around, yeah
And wind it so far up that it never comes down
No, it never comes down
No, it never comes down


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