Sugar In The Sacrament

A City By The Light Divided, 5 minutes

Sugar In The Sacrament
  • Sugar In The Sacrament



What have you done?
You followed footsteps in the dark,
And found your faith left out behind your father's car.

You said "there's no one watching over me or over you, it's always out of reach"
I'm still sinking into:

Oh my God, where are we now?
Fractured lives dissolving
Like sugar in the sacrament.

If it was just one night, then we would be released.
Tie these lies between our teeth
Keep tearing open bodies, "let it bleed" tonight.

Where have you gone?
Off with the friends you couldn't keep?
Your mother's arms fill up with all the empty needs.

So the saints line up to bring her in
Comfort her and it's always comforting when they start to sing the same old:

"holy, holy, lift up your dress.
Feel your body dissolving
Like sugar in the sacrament"

"if it was just one night, then you could be redeemed.
Tie these sins between your teeth,
Make hollow promises we'll never keep tonight"

This is all we've ever known of God.
Fight with me. let me touch you now.

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