Ain't No Right Way

White Trash With Money, 4 minutes

Ain't No Right Way
  • Ain't No Right Way


Toby Keith

Seven in the morning
She has to make a choice
Precious baby girl
Or bouncing baby boy
She could either keep it
Or give that child away
So she quit school that morning
And became a mom that day

Ain't no right way
To do the wrong thing
You can justify
But it's still black and white
Paint it any shade
But it won't change
Ain't no right way
To do the wrong thing

News came on my TV
A mother cried and said
That her son was fighting for his life
'Cause her husband lost his head
Might have been a problem child
If that boy were mine
I wouldn't beat him half to death
Trying to make him walk the line


Now empowered politicians
Trying to pass a law
They won't let our children pray
For the better of us all
If God blessed America
Then how could someone vote
To take prayer from our classrooms
Right when we need prayer the most

To do the wrong thing

Written by Toby Keith/Scott Emerick/Dean Dillon
Published by Tokeco Tunes

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