Grain of Salt

White Trash With Money, 3 minutes

Grain of Salt
  • Grain of Salt


Toby Keith

Yeah when I came to you were standing by the foot of the bed
I was still hung over, and my eyes were bloodshot and red
Did you think that things were going to be different?
Did you think you tore my whole world apart?
But as you can see there's no pain in my head
And down in this old broken heart

I took your leaving with a grain of salt
Tequila and a slice of lime
Yeah the minute you left
Me and the boys went out and had a real good time
It's nice of you to check up on me
Just to see how I was getting along
But I had already gotten over it baby
Before you were even gone

By now you have observed
I was a little over-served last night
I need to catch a few Z's
Baby please turn off that bedroom light
See the boys are coming by to get me
We're going to take our little show into town
I'll need my rest 'cause they'll be doing there best
To find another (juke joint now?)


Yeah I had already gotten way over it baby
Before you were even gone
Bye now

Written by Toby Keith/Scott Emerick
Published by Tokeco Tunes

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