Spiritual Healing

Sly & Robbie Ultimate Collection: In Good Company, 4 minutes

Spiritual Healing
  • Spiritual Healing


Toots & the Maytals

What this world needs today
A little spiritual healing
And everyone has got to say
That it's a good feeling

Spiritual Healing
So good
It gives a higher feeling (oohhhh yeah)
Spiritual Healing
So good
It's good for your bad feeling

Satisfy yourself and be a part of it
(be a part of it, c'mon and be a part of it)
Reunite your love and be a part of me
Hear what I say...

Open your heart so wide
Let love come 'round in here, believe
If you have that love in your own life
Let it shine (x3) yeah

Living in this world of today, we don't love
It is a waste of time
If you have that love in your heart
You gotta give it to em with the spiritual feeling

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