Not Gonna Cry

Tracie, 4m 28sec

Not Gonna Cry
  • Not Gonna Cry


Tracie Spencer

Yesterday you told me I was crazy
While all this time you said that I was your baby
I tried to look beyond your lies
But I refuse to waste another tear
And cry over you
I really should have seen it comin'
When I wanted something
You wouldn't give me nothin'
I could live a girl with dreams
Baby, I got to let it go
You need to know I'm in control
And you got no hope

I'm not gonna cry another tear for you
You had me goin' crazy for a week or two
I can't believe you lied to me, now
I'm not gonna cry another tear for you
'Cause now I know we're through
I'm not gonna cry over you

Fell in love and you misled me
Setting time that you'll be ready
I contemplated lovin' you
And did the things you asked me to
And why my life, my life, my life
Happiness is what I'm seekin'
A stronger love is what I'm needin'
Lookin' for some company
Tryin' to find reality and love
Good luck, baby


Never needed anyone to testify my love
You showed me shame
'Cause you're to blame
Only time shows
What goes around comes around
Oh baby
You're gonna end up lonely


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