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Eat Or Get Ate, 3 minutes

Caprice Music
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Tum Tum

[Chorus x 2]
Candy drippin'
On the Chevy
Caprice Classic
I do the fool
Watch me clown
This is that Caprice music
It goes down

So fly, not a wrinkle
Hop up in the Chevy
Work the wood like my single
Dippin' and swervin'
Me and Lope, ya herd me
Spinnin' through the grove
Cocked up on twenty-fours
Heavy on the net
You know me
So many chains on, I'm 'bout to OG
Three fifty what it is
I see you whippin', then let vice get big
I be stuttin' on that ass
Screech pop up out the dash
Beep, beep, who got the keys to the Caprice?
4/50 engine is obese
Pull up by twenty-five freaks
I play for keeps

[Chorus x 2]

Television wood wheels
Sun roof pushed back
Take boys to school on these slabs
I'm a class act
One boppa
Two boppa
Three boppa
Walk up to the Chevy when I let up the door
Sippin' and smokin'
Gotta pass that
Take five puffs then I pass it right back
Noise my protected
TBG's up
5-3 B.I.G.
D, d, d, d double up
Gangs all here
Leather on the chair
Ain't nobody flossin' like this, I swear!
Presidential tint
Bang in the trunk
Pistols everywhere got me fucked up
Milk drop the beat
I lace the track
I'm a fool wit' it, fool wit' it
Like twisty black
Whip game vicious
My car look delicious
So much candy on the car
It's re-goddamn-diculous

[Chorus x 2]

One boppa
Two boppa
Three boppa

One boppa
Two boppa
Three boppa

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