With Regards

Music On Plastic, 4 minutes

With Regards
  • With Regards



No holds barred you cut my will
Without knowing you're to blame
Only time and truth will tell
If our visions are the same

I don't think that you would mind
Sparing no concern for misfits who say otherwise
If I tried to help you think and you tried to make me smile
Carry on

As broken parts get worn and fail
One of two things should be done
Make repairs and carry on
Or start over at square one

Merry is the simpleton
Blessed is the one who journeys and then prevails
Righteous is the passer-by that helps the traveller's weary
Mind carry on

Can you tell me that good has won?
Show me proof you've seen a setting sun
And when you do I'll let you walk away
It's your day

Time marches in then runs along just like it always does
And thinking it would come back again
I've let too much turn to dust

Written by Reaves, Rodney Wayne
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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