Weezer (Red Album), 3 minutes

  • Troublemaker



Put me in
A special school
'Cause I am such a fool
And I don't need
A single book
To teach me how to read
Who needs stupid books?
They are for petty crooks
And I will learn
By studying
The lesson in my dreams
Turn off the TV
'Cause that's what others see
And movies are as bad as
Eating chocolate ice cream
They only sicken me
Don't let me play football
I'll sack the quarterback
A jack the brother of the ball

I'm a troublemaker
Never been a faker
Doing things my own way
And never giving up
I'm a troublemaker
Not a double taker
I don't have
The patience
To keep it on the up

I picked up a guitar
What does that signify?
I'm gonna play
Some heavy metal riffs
And you will die
You wanted arts
And crafts
How's this for arts
And crafts
That's right
I'm growing out my hair
I'm movin' out
To Cherokee
I'm gonna be
A rock star
And you will go
To bed with me
'Cause I can't work a job,
Like any other slob,
Punch it in
And punch it out
And suckin' up to Bob,
Marrying a bitch
Having 7 kids
Giving up
And growing old
And hoping
There's a God


I'm gonna be a star
And people
Will crane necks
To get a glimpse of me
And see
If I am having a sex
In studying
And my moves
They try
To understand
Why I am so unlike
The singers
In the other bands

I'm such a mystery
As anyone can see
There isn't
Anybody else
Exactly quite
Like me'

And when
It's party time
Like 1999
I party by myself
Because I'm such
A special guy


(Keep it on the up)
I'm a troublemaker
(Keep it on the up)
I'm a troublemaker
(Keep it on the up)
I'm a troublemaker
Never giving up

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