Victim of Life's Circumstances

Celebration Of Life: Musicians Against Childhood Cancer, 3 minutes

Victim of Life's Circumstances
  • Victim of Life's Circumstances



6:05 A.M. on Sunday morning
I was supposed to be in Key West late last night
But I stopped in one of them old highway places
And because I did I'll sleep
In the Monroe County jail tonight

I'm just a victim of life's circumstances
I've been raised around bar rooms and Friday night dances
And singing them old country songs
I've got this nasty habit of ending up
Some place I don't belong

I started out last night with good intentions
But I ended up getting sideways drinking wine
The last thing I remember we were roaring
Till something hit my head
And knocked me from my conscience mind

Repeat Chorus

I said jailer won't you tell me what I'm charged with
He looked at me and slightly closed one eye
He said to me you mean you don't remember
Cutting up some fool
With that bone handled knife

Repeat Chorus

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