Instagram Artist's Strange Portraits Go Viral

By Dave Basner

November 1, 2018

A artist who goes by Tw1tterPicasso is going viral because of his very unique drawings of celebrities. 

Some people call them portraits, others call them caricatures, but whatever your refer to them as, they definitely leave an impression. No star is safe from his artwork - he puts his spin on musicians, reality stars, actors, athletes and more. 

@justinbieber fan art

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@djkhaled fan art

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#kanyewest fan art

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Not much is known about the mysterious Tw1tterPicasso but what is known is that his name is Corey and he lives in Australia. 

According to his Instagram profile, he's been drawing since he was zero years old. He's posted his portraits since 2016 and says he has no formal training - he learned how to draw from his mom, who's also an artist. 

@logic fan art

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@eminem fan art

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@arianagrande fan art

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@champagnepapi fan art. Sorry I haven’t been posting lately but yous wouldn’t believe it. I was kidnaped by the illuminaughty AGAIN! This time they sent there elite tracker Fetty wap after me! It’s pretty much impossible to escape fetty. Since he’s missing an eye his other senses are far greater then the average human beans. He can hear 10x better then a dog, can smell a drop of blood in 1000 meters of water and he can also fly. He captured me and took me back the the illuminaughty prison when I got there I was suprised to see how bad they were treating poor fetty. The kardashian family were laughing at him teasing his eye and at one point I think Donald trump spat on him. I came up with the idea to persuade fetty to free me. It’s very hard to communicate with him he doesn’t know many words so I had to use his language. I got his attention he came over to me. I asked him fetty do you like it here? “Yerrr babouy” he replied! “You don’t have to work for these evil people you can come with me on adventures for rare inks and papers 1738” he got excited he’s dreads started waging “zoo gang” he replied. “Ok bud help me get out of here remmy boys yeah yaa” I said. He turned around and let out a super sonic “SQUAAAA” it was worse then a flash bang grenade the whole kardashian family’s ass implants exploded in sync and their lips fell off! I hopped on fettys back And we flew off into the sunset

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In an interview over DMs, he told Mel Magazine,

"My style is realism, but I like to put a little twist on it. I find normal realism drawings boring. Sometimes you gotta give people 14 fingers and 39 teeth. Something that will make people remember the drawing."

@amberrose fan art

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@liltunechi fan art. This is a special piece so I wanted to do this with very special ink! The ink I was after dates back to the ancient times of 1860’s it was the same ink one of Jesus disciples used to write the bible. What’s left of the ink belonged to a Saudi billionaire. Money meant nothin to this man I could not purchase it instead he gave me what seemed to be an impossible task. He told me if I could beat his pet cheetah in a 200m foot race I could have the ink. I stretched my legs my focus was set on the finish line, nothing was gonna stop me. Gunfire rang to sound the start of the race... I lost by only 175 meters. 2 weeks later the Saudi prince tragically died at the young age of 32 he was mauled to death by that same cheetah I bewitched. He left me the ink in his will

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@fergie fan art. For this piece I had to use an extremely rare ink found only in the rare tasseled wobbegong species. This particular species is known to only swim in the warm oceans of New Zealand so I had to pick up the strenuous part time job of buying alcohol for high schoolers - which is why it took me a full 2 days to gather the $10,000 needed for flight and hotel fees. After landing on the foreign soil of New Zealand and spending my entire trip milking odd looking sheep, I realized that the tasseled wobbegong was never a subcategory of sheep in the first place but rather a type of shark... I just couldn’t believe I thought simple sheep’s milk was the sacred wobbegong ink my family had told me about through legends of past. (but honestly after trying to start my masterpiece after my first session of goat milking, it made complete sense that I was just using milk as ink this entire time)That being said, I was saddened by the fact I had to go home with 0 bottles of tasseled wobbegong ink in my hands until I was lucky enough to stop by at the airport gift shop. To my surprise there it was.... the exact ink I was looking for this whole time. And of course below the bottle it was written - distributed in Australia.

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@iamcardib fan art

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Sometimes he jokes around with his pieces too. 

@wizkhalifa fan art

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@c.syresmith fan art

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@antdavis23 fan art... and @thenewclassic

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You can check out all of Tw1tterPicasso's artwork here. If you like his style and want him to do a portrait of you, he will for $50. Learn more here

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