Women Poised to Take Over the 2018 Midterms

By Miranda Moreno

September 4, 2018

Women intend to sweep the midterms

The midterm elections are only a couple of months away and state legislatures are poised for big changes. More women are running for office and they have a great rate of victory. In Michigan for example, a woman will appear on the ballot for Governor, attorney general, Secretary of state, and in several house and senate races. Ginger Gibson, political reporter for Reuters, joins us what this all means for the midterms.

Incredible corn tech could revolutionize the farming industry

Next, nature never seems to amaze. A Revolutionary corn discovery could save fertilizer, limit runoff, and transform the way the way the largest crop in America is grown. Scientists have found a corn varietal in Mexico that goes through a process called nitrogen fixation. It basically creates its own fertilizer. Anna Groves, reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, fills us in on how the process works and if this news can be used for a more sustainable future.

The Dine and Dash Dater has been caught!

Finally, a man known as the “dine and dash dater” has finally been caught after years on the prowl. Paul Gonzales would meet women on dating apps, take them out, order a robust dinner, and then leave and never come back, forcing the women to pay the huge bill. Lauren Strapagiel, reporter for Buzzfeed News, joins us for how much jail time he may be facing and what was in those dinner orders.

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