NC Elections chairman resigns over cow sex joke

By Pete Kaliner

July 31, 2019


Apparently, it's NOT a good idea to open a conference with a joke about cow sex.

That's the lesson Bob Cordle learned this week.

From WNCN:

The chairman of the North Carolina Board of Elections has resigned, Governor Roy Cooper’s website announced Tuesday evening.
Cooper’s office said in a news release that he had accepted the resignation of Robert Cordle.

Cordle replaced Andy Penry - who had to resign for violating rules about engaging in politics.


State Board of Elections Chairman Robert Cordle resigned from the board Tuesday after he opened a statewide conference for hundreds of election officials Monday with a joke about cows and sex.
Local elections directors and board members from around the state met this week in Cary, and at the Monday morning opening, Cordle told attendees a joke that ended by comparing a cow who refused to be impregnated to a woman.
Many of the officials at the meeting in Cary this week are women.
Cordle, a Democrat appointed by Cooper, said Tuesday afternoon he hadn't heard any complaints about the joke, and he believed it got "a big laugh." In his resignation letter, he apologized.

Also, apparently a lot of people knew that Cordle was prone to saying inappropriate things:

Some former and current employees of the state elections board told WRAL News on background that this was not the first time Cordle has made comments which were inappropriate or insensitive to context.

But Cordle served his initial purpose - which was to fire the well-regarded and professional Elections Director Kim Strach. Because her husband is a lawyer who represents the Republican legislative leaders.

She was also an investigator who led the probes into the Democratic administrations of Mike Easley and Bev Perdue. Cordle was on the Board at the time, and ran interference for Gov. Easley.

All of which makes it pretty obvious why Gov. Cooper used his political operation to find Strach's replacement. Cooper is a creature of the old Jim Hunt Machine. For folks who weren't here before 2010, this is what that Democratic Machine looks like.

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