Watch: 'Zombie Snail' Spotted in Taiwan

August 13, 2019

A hiker in Taiwan was mystified when he stumbled upon a strange snail that sported pulsating green and orange tentacles. The creepy-looking creature was reportedly spotted by a tourist named Lin Ruian who was exploring a hillside in the country's Changhua County. The man's visit came to a screeching halt when he noticed something flashing on the ground and looked down to see the very weird creature that he initially did not believe was real.

To the delight of some and, no doubt, the horror of others, Ruian managed to film the eerie snail and the footage is rather mesmerizing. And, it turns out, the reason for the creature's unsettling appearance may be more unnerving than the way that it looks. According to wildlife experts, the unfortunate snail had fallen victim to a parasitic flatworm that had seized control of its body and turned the creature into a proverbial zombie.

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