Disturbing Video Surfaces Of Fish With Human Face

By Dave Basner

November 11, 2019

Fish have two eyes and a mouth, just like humans, so you might think that their faces would be pretty similar to ours, but of course, that is not at all the case. However, someone spotted a very strange looking fish in China whose face creepily resembles a person's. The creature was filmed in a lake outside the city of Kunming in south China. The clip, which was shared on Chinese social media platform Weibo, shows the fish swimming to the edge of the lake and bringing its bizarre head above the surface of the water, almost as if it is trying to get out and walk.

Among the reactions to the fish were comparisons to "Voldemort" from Harry Potter, claims that it is an alien being, assertions that it's a character from the 2004 flick Shark Tank and overall a bunch of people freaking out over how weird it looks.

What it actually seems to be though is just a fish with markings that resemble a face - two dark dots that look like eyes, two vertical lines that resemble the sides of a nose and a horizontal line that seems like a mouth.

The fish is the latest in a line of animals with human faces like this monkey, this goat and this dog.

Photo: YouTube

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